Slovak Film Commission Green Production Platform

English, Slovak
“The Green Platform of the Slovak Film Commission is a platform that aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly film production. It provides resources such as a Green Call, Green Guide, Green Database, and a Carbon Calculator to help film professionals reduce waste, use resources efficiently, and protect the environment and human health. The platform also offers information and support for preparing and creating audiovisual works ecologically and effectively. The ultimate goal is to develop an effective ecological strategy for the audiovisual sector in Slovakia, including training environmental consultants, developing a carbon calculator, and creating a financial bonus system for ecologically engaged productions. The platform was created in 2018 with the support of Slovak film professionals and the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, as well as the Slovak Institute for Circular Economy. The Green Platform aims to empower the audiovisual industry to take meaningful steps towards sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment. “