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Certification, Training, Carbon Calculator
GreenTime has been dedicated to assisting event organizers and companies, regardless of their size, in minimizing their ecological impact since 2014. With a comprehensive range of services, they offer valuable support in sustainability certification, carbon footprint calculation, and training through webinars. While some of their services are available free of charge, others require a fee. Primarily catering to events, GreenTime has gained significant popularity in Sweden’s film production industry as well. Their sustainability certification specifically applies to events, including film festivals and other film-related gatherings. To attain the certification, event planners must utilize GreenTime’s planning tool, which outlines a set of mandatory requirements. Compliance with these requirements establishes GreenTime’s standard, and the tool provides clear documentation on what is necessary to fulfill them. Independent auditors review the submitted answers for verification, allowing certified events to proudly display the Certified Sustainable Event logo.