GRÆN KVIKMYNDAGERÐ – Handbók um sjálfbæra kvikmyndaframleiðslu

This is the Icelandic translation of the GreenFilm protocol developed by the Trentino Film Commission in Italy. It’s a handbook designed for public film funds and service providers, TV stations, streaming platforms, and others who want to promote environmentally friendly practices in film and television production. The guide provides instructions on how to work sustainably, and includes certification for environmentally friendly film production. Filmmakers fill out a questionnaire to determine which sustainable guidelines they want to follow during filming, with certified inspectors verifying compliance during production. After production, certified inspectors confirm that guidelines were followed, and if they were, the production receives international certification and possible compensation. The guide promotes sustainability in a growing industry, provides access to international cooperation for better practices, is easy to use, and is a standardized system that makes it easier for filmmakers to coordinate sustainable practices.