Global Green Media Network

Ireland, World
Industry initiative
The Global Green Media Network (GGMN) is an interdisciplinary initiative that bridges film and media scholarship, environmental studies, social sciences, and political economy. It facilitates collaborations between industry, academia, and policymakers to rethink a sustainable future for screen culture. GGMN focuses on addressing the environmental and social impact of the global screen media industry, including energy consumption, waste production, environmental justice, and the lack of agency in implementing effective environmental programs. By promoting transparency, raising awareness, and exploring solutions, GGMN aims to integrate environmental responsibility into industry practices. It encourages dialogue among media professionals, academics, environmentalists, activists, and reporters. GGMN organizes events and publishes research to foster collaboration, generate understanding, and develop new methodologies and educational strategies. The network’s support extends globally, engaging stakeholders from various regions and offering assistance to professionals, advocates, policymakers, and emerging scholars in the screen arts.