DGC Green – Here’s how!

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DGC Green – Here’s how! is an initiative by the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) aimed at supporting sustainability in the Canadian audiovisual industry. The platform offers tips and suggestions to various industry professionals on how to make productions more environmentally friendly. It provides specific advice for directors, accounting personnel, editors, production managers, production coordinators, location managers, assistant directors, and the art department. Additionally, it offers information and news about sustainability in the industry and ongoing initiatives. The DGC recognizes the crucial role of directors in setting the tone and culture of a production, and emphasizes their responsibility in managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The National Sustainability & Climate Action Committee (NSCAC) was established in 2020 to examine the challenges and opportunities for achieving sustainable productions nationwide. The committee aims to empower DGC members to progressively adopt sustainable practices and become leaders in climate action, with the ultimate goal of creating a safer, more efficient, and rewarding environment for all involved. “Members In Action” showcases the dedication of DGC members across Canada in promoting sustainable practices on production sets. Through recorded videos, panel discussions, how-to guides, and interviews, members share their achievements and sustainable philosophies. This platform serves as a resource for learning from their experiences and discovering practical ways to raise awareness and effect positive change in future productions.