Cut! Collective – Cinéma pour la transition

English, French
Industry initiative
CUT Collective Cinema for Transition is a French group of film professionals dedicated to promoting sustainability and addressing environmental challenges in the film industry. It was founded in January 2023 by Hiam Abbas, Julie Amalric, Swann Arlaud, Cyril Dion, Carole Scotta, Flore Vasseur, and Jérémie Renier. The collective aims to initiate discussions and explore possible transformations towards a more sustainable model for the cinema world. They have published a manifesto and created a platform and an engagement charter for actors and agents. Their goals include minimizing the industry’s ecological footprint, creating impactful narratives, and maximizing the dissemination of socially impactful works. Through collaboration and the power of cinema, they aim to contribute to a livable world for all.