CPNEF Audiovisuel – Démarche écoresponsable dans sa pratique professionnelle

Certification, Training, Film institution
CPNEF Audiovisuel (National Joint Commission for Employment and Training in Audiovisual) is an organization that brings together social partners from the audiovisual professional sectors in France to address employment and training issues. Recognizing the environmental impact of audiovisual productions, CPNEF has developed initiatives to promote eco-responsibility in the industry. As part of their efforts, CPNEF has created a Professional Skills Certificate (CCP) for “Implementing an Eco-Responsible Approach in Professional Practice within an Audiovisual Project.” This certificate aims to equip professionals from various fields within the industry with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to environmentally sustainable projects. Six authorized training organizations offer the program leading to the CCP, including La CinéFabrique with Ecoprod, CST with INA and EcoProd, the MediaFaculty, Illusion & Macadam, Travelling with France.tv studio, and La Fabrique des Formats with Ecoprod. The certification process has received technical support from Afdas and financial support from the “Culture, Creation, Communication, Sport, and Tourism” Employment and Competence Development Commitment (EDEC) under the Investment Plan in Skills. CPNEF also provides information on financing studies for sustainability in the industry. Overall, CPNEF’s certification aims to educate professionals in the audiovisual sector about eco-responsible practices and contribute to a more environmentally respectful industry.